Monday, November 8, 2010

Set #2 - Experience China 2010

Tired vendor taking a quick shut eye....  Check out his balance scale on this cart!
Fruit vendors on the sidewalk
Chaotic front develops.....
I love the architecture in Suzhou
Feeling bored, feeling tired, feeling cool and feeling her.....
A senior trying to sell location maps.  In the background, is a shoe polisher at work.
Street vendor selling the unknown...
Cleaning a dirty mop....
Human "hand wash" machine
"Venice of the East"
Mother nature "dryer".  Don't we take things for granted?
The drivers are happy if the route is GREEN.  Furious if its RED
Official Shanghai Expo 2010 Licensed Store.  "Better City, Better Life" 
Bargain or walk off?
McDonald's takeout, anyone?
Washing pig's feet amongst dirty dishes

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