Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Celebration of Light - Mexico

Lat: 49 16.987 N
Lon: 123 09.281 W
Water Temperature: 19.2C

*sneak peek image on a yacht*

Saturday, July 10, 2010

"enjoying in the sun rays"

Today, given a "day off". I had an opportunity to do a shoot for my own good in around Stanley Park and English Bay. We spent an hour walking but we needed to complete this by noon hour. Interestingly enough, I have never photograph at a beach. It felt kinda strange as I am not a sniper but the people around us were really nice.

I forgot my sync cord in this shoot.

Difference between tall and short....

A couple relaxing on the bench...

Can you pickup my hat?

Skateboarders vs Walkers

"its a struggle to keep up"

I asked the couple if I could photograph them on the beach. She gladly said, yes and moved her bike.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Event Shoot: 2010 Lilith Vancouver

I will be reviewing and watermarking all artists images. There is approximately 1000 images.
Covered the Lilith Vancouver press conference as well.

Lilith Vancouver Audience

Press Conference

Here's the rundown of the concert shots:

1) Grace Potter & Nocturnals

2) Colbie Caillat

3) Erykah Badu

4) Sheryl Crow

5) Sugarland

6) Sarah McLachlan

Thank you for your patience....

Sneak Peek!