Thursday, November 4, 2010

Set #1 - Experience China 2010

*sneak peek images of China.  It will probably take approximately 2weeks to update this page....*

I was unable to access Facebook, Blogspot or any social networking websites in China.  Therefore, I am processing and uploading my images after the trip.  Sorry for the delay.

Typical average day is 12-13hours (meaning from hotel door-to-door).  When I had a domestic flight out, average day is 15-16hours.

My experience:  UNFORGETTABLE

Ultimate highlights:  The Great Wall, Beijing and Terra-Cotta Warriors, Xian
I also had a quick opportunity to see the Pandas at the zoo.  But would have loved to visit the panda sanctuaries in Sichuan.  Last but not least, the "old china" and the "new china" generation people!

The "new china" generation people are greatly influence by the western culture (americans).
Most signage has caucasian female models.  There are some good looking chinese female women in China.  It was interesting to see chinese men staring at caucasian women (vise-versa).  Seemed like a meat-market.  M.O.N.E.Y seemed like a major contributing factor!  I kept hearing a typical phrase, "no money, no hunny".

Beijing has its history and culture but Shanghai is a concrete forrest (aka Chinese New York City).
I will refrain from writing my opinions but will lay down the facts.
Whenever I am accessing internet.  Somehow I have to agree on tracking my footsteps.  There is no privacy.  Information is stored for 60days.

10 days in China
5 flights (3 domestics and 2 international)
6 cities (Beijing, Xian, Wuxi, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai)
5 hotels
3 guides (Andy, Kathy, FeiFei)
85 gigabytes of images

(M) Undercover, (R) China Army.  Do not take my picture!
Tired tourists taking a break from climbing the steps.
People fascinated by the gold and a gold digger grandmother
Feeling jade!
Everyone has the right of way....  Just go, don't stay!
Locks of Commitment
Female traffic police officers in the middle of a busy intersection.  Notice, they don't do any traffic directing....
Shoe polisher on the street.
"Ladies of the Night"
Playing mahjong
2stars washroom.  Don't forget to bring toilet paper.
Arranging sugarcane at the night market.
"Massage parlor"
One of the world's busiest shopping street, Nanjing Road in Shanghai
Amazing!  A train goes thru this busy road amongst the sea of people
Typical chinese carrying a woman's handbag.
Washing pig's feet and dishes in a dark alley.
to be deep fried gecko (L) and sea horse (R)
to be deep fried snake.  It looks very clean and fresh!
Deep fried Scorpions
Fresh starfish
to be deep fried Sea Urchins
Met a few french tourists eating deep fried Silk Cacoons (L) and Snake (R).  I was told the snake was very tasty and was asked to try it with them.  I had to resist!
Pandas at Beijing Zoo.  Wished I had the opportunity to visit their sanctuaries.
Meat left outside
"Beggers" (typically holding a child) approaching foreigners.  I was approached by three senior ladies at random intervals.  One was pretty aggressive as she grabbed my jacket.
Pedal power on a single gear
Rows of luggages at Beijing International Airport

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