Friday, November 12, 2010

Set #3 - Experience China 2010

Beijing National Stadium aka "The Bird's Nest".  Designed to use throughout 2008 Summer Olympics and Paralympics.
Inside "The Bird's Nest".  I didn't have my 16mm with me at this very moment.   Total seating capacity during the Olympics including temporary seating was 91,000.  After the Olympics, the stadium capacity is 80,000.  The farthest seat from centre field is 140meters (460feet)
Beijing National Stadium aka "The Bird's Nest".   Designed to use throughout 2008 Summer Olympics and Paralympics.  110,000 tons of steel made in China.  17,000 construction workers.  A few workers died from building this arena.   7811sq.meters of grass laid in 24hours.  I was amazed by the thickness of the steel columns.
This isn't messy compared to what I have seen in this developing city.  As long it works, who cares?
An example of "Chinese English" and English. 
Handcrafted details on the roof in Xian
"Write your prayer"
Details of "Giant Wild Goose Pagoda" in Xian.  Closeup view of the eaves and the exterior bricks.
A monk meditating
The difference between eastern and western chinese guys....
Frustrated and impatient bus riders.  When the bus arrives, there is no line up.  Everyone rushes in....
Gold Discs (from Western Han Dynasty 206B.C.-A.D.8).  Excavated from Dongshilipu Village, Tanjia Town, Weiyang District, Xi'an City
This kite is 90m long.  Coincidently, a group of marching army passing by my frame.
Taxis in Xian have guard bars.  You won't see them in Beijing or Shanghai. 
I came across a random farmer selling persimmons....

Selling pomegranates beside the highway...

Pit #2 and #3 images coming soon.....

View of Pit #1
Restoration area at Pit #1.  Can you put the pieces of the puzzle together?
Its hollow inside the figure.....incredible!
Details of a warrior...
NO PHOTOGRAPHY!  But I managed to quickly photograph these guys working....
Large arched steel roof over Pit #1 built in 1976
TerraCotta Warriors Pit #1.  This pit is 5meters (16feet) deep,  62meters (204feet) wide and 230meters (756feet) long.  Also, temperature and humidity controlled.  Here there are over 6000 terracotta warriors and horses.  Approximately 1000 unearth warriors.
The city wall height is 12meters (40feet).
Tandem riders on the city wall.  The width of the wall is 12-14meters (40-46feet)!  
Restored city wall over time...
Ancient city wall in Xian.  This is the largest ancient military defensive systems in the world.  The wall height is 12meters (40feet).  Smog is heavy in this city.  I was careful not to fall over....
Bike rental store.  When in doubt, use a hammer....

Monday, November 8, 2010

Set #2 - Experience China 2010

Tired vendor taking a quick shut eye....  Check out his balance scale on this cart!
Fruit vendors on the sidewalk
Chaotic front develops.....
I love the architecture in Suzhou
Feeling bored, feeling tired, feeling cool and feeling her.....
A senior trying to sell location maps.  In the background, is a shoe polisher at work.
Street vendor selling the unknown...
Cleaning a dirty mop....
Human "hand wash" machine
"Venice of the East"
Mother nature "dryer".  Don't we take things for granted?
The drivers are happy if the route is GREEN.  Furious if its RED
Official Shanghai Expo 2010 Licensed Store.  "Better City, Better Life" 
Bargain or walk off?
McDonald's takeout, anyone?
Washing pig's feet amongst dirty dishes