Saturday, October 16, 2010

2010 Vancouver International Film Festival - Closing Gala

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Closing Gala
Date: Friday, October 15, 2010
Time: 930pm
Location: Club 560, Downtown Vancouver

Producer, Director, Actor: John Cassini
Film: Guido Superstar (2010) and Repeaters (2010)
Known for Se7en (1995) and Paycheck (2003)

Actor: Nathaniel Arcand
Film: Two Indians Talking (2010)
Wife: Kelly Orr

Producer: Nancy Baye
Actor: Nathaniel Arcand
Film: Two Indians Talking (2010)

Actress (L): Carrie Anne Fleming
TV Series: Supernatural (2010)
Writer (R): Mercedes Grant

Actor: Paul McGillion
TV: Stargate, Star Trek, and many more....
Wife: Courtney Armstrong

Animation Director: Paul Dutton
Film: Illusionist (2010)

Director (L): Nimisha Mukerji
Director/Writer (R): Mark Ratzlaff
Short: Voodoo (2010)

Actress: April Telek
Film: Amazon Falls (2010)

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